For over four years, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), under the leadership of then Commissioner Mike Beatty, was engaged in the Communities of Opportunity, a program to help communities alleviate the effects of poverty. In these 91 “persistent poverty” counties, education was consistently identified as the best hope of breaking the cycle of poverty. From this work came the idea to create the Great Promise Partnership, based on Southwire’s ground-breaking 12 for Life™ program.

“This is the generation that will lead America to the next level of greatness. This is our promise to these students –if they stay in school and work to get ahead they will have a piece of the American dream, that success formula that has made this country great!”

– GPP President and CEO Mike Beatty

In partnership with numerous community and business leaders, DCA developed Great Promise Partnership to help at-risk students complete their high school education while gaining real-world job skills, thus gaining the ability to build successful lives. By forming public/private partnerships in communities across Georgia, we’re showing students that they have a place in Georgia’s economic future.

The Department of Community Affairs (DCA), along with key partners, launched a pilot program in January 2012 called Great Promise Partnership (GPP), Inc.

As a 501(c)(3), GPP became affiliated with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Workforce Division (formerly the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development) on August 1, 2013.

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