12 for Life Workplace

12 for Life Workplace

12 for Life Workplace is modeled upon the successful Southwire 12 for Life™ cooperative education program with Carroll County School district. 12 for Life Workplace is scalable and fits into any size or type of business and offers at-risk students the opportunity to receive on-the-job training and life skills within business settings, such as the Department of Community Affairs, a corporate office, small business, or an industrial setting such as a manufacturing or distribution facility.  Students hold entry-level positions with real deliverables and expectations.  Here they learn important workplace skills, such as communication, job performance, goal-setting and decision making while not only receiving a paycheck but additional support through mentoring, tutoring, career coaching and life skills sessions.


Public and private partnerships with the education community are essential to making not only Workplace programs successful, but also individual students, who benefit from the combined resources made possible when community, education and business leaders come together. To establish or sponsor a 12 for Life Workplace, contact GPP.