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Great Promise Partnership pairs local school systems with public and  private partners to help students in danger of not graduating stay on  track by giving them relevant real-world work experience while helping  them to complete their education. At-risk students who show promise  receive mentoring, on-the-job training, life skills and community  support—in fact, GPP is the most comprehensive, action-oriented program  for at-risk youth available to Georgia school systems.

To deliver the benefits of real-world skills and positive adults to  underserved youth while lowering the dropout rate, schools can partner  with GPP to establish a GPP WorkPrep and GPP Workplace.



For employers who’d like to participate fully in improving the local community and Georgia as a whole, GPP Workplace  is an innovative way to partner with the education community and other  local entities. From mentoring and life skills that help at-risk students stay in school, to on-the-job training that helps them find  jobs in their local communities after graduation, GPP delivers long-term results for students, their  communities, and the state. GPP also benefits your organization with  entry-level part-time employees, which can also lead to well-trained  full-time employees.

GPP employers include:

  • Manufacturing/distribution facilities
  • Office/retail
  • Local government
  • State agencies
  • Institutes of higher education
  • For a list of current GPP employers, click here.


Mentor/Supervisor Training

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