Leadership Day at the Capitol February 13, 2020

Leadership Day is an opportunity to excite and engage Great Promise Partnership youth in leadership and civics. After a morning focused on leadership, youth will spend time at the state capitol visiting with legislators and learning about the legislative process. Along with being able to meet and interact with local and state leaders, this event provides an excellent opportunity for youth to participate in the government processes that impact Georgia and their local communities.  


Real Skills Day - 2019

Regional Employability and Life Skills Days (REAL Skills Days) are one-day events held on a local or regional basis. Students will spend the day participating in a variety of activities and projects with other GPP students from their community or regions. By the end of each REAL Skills Day, students will be better prepared and motivated to finish high school, learn new ways to overcome challenges faced at school, work and life; as well as learn strategies to be successful in the world of work and in their personal lives.  


REAL Skills Day @ UGA October, 2019

Leadership Adventure Weekend @ Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Leadership Adventure Weekends are weekend-long retreats for youth across Georgia participating in the Great Promise Partnership program. Facilitated by specially-trained instructors and using an adventure theme, the retreats focus on educational and career options and goals, and the empowerment of youths as individuals.