GPP Employers

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*  American Steel

*  Castro's Pinestraw

*  Crisp County Housing Authority

*  East Coast Asphalt

*  Elbert County Government

*  H & B Embroidery

*  Hemphill Metal Roofing

*  R & F Marketing

*  Select Tire

*  Shann Peanut Company

*  US Pet Foods

What employers are saying...

  • “It’s very rewarding working with the kids and seeing their level of  maturity at such a young age.  They have restored my faith in the next  generation.”
  • “This program does a lot of good in the community.  The kids are great and deserve a chance.”
  • “It’s a win-win for us and the students.  1. Doing the right thing  for the community by helping to grow independent and contributing  members of society.  2. It helps business.  It’s hard to find people who  are going into manufacturing.  A gap exists between the high schools and informing students to examine manufacturing as a viable career option and viable money making option.  3. It helps kids who have not had support realize their worth and potential.  This program helps to  create support networks where they didn’t exist.”